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Shiatsu is a Japanese manual body work based on the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine. This practice is an art of sensibility through the hands. It uses gentle touch and pressure through thumbs and hands on energetic pathways related to our bodily functions and organs. Shiatsu stimulates the circulation of Ki. Ki belongs to the domain of sensing. It can be perceived as 'breath', original vitality, movement, the energy that unifies body and mind, the 'wind that animates all forms in nature'. Ki is life

Fundamentally, Body has a natural capacity to regain its balance. Shiatsu stimulates our inherent capacity of self-regulation and therefore contributes to a stronger ability to adapt to surrounding conditions. A specific context is created in which body∞mind dive into deep relaxation while it is stimulated the inherent and regenerative force of our being. Shiatsu also stimulates awakening of sensitivity, body ∞ mind awareness and it contributes to a general well-being. 

In Japanese 'Kokyu' means 'Respiration' - the movement of life where 'Ko' refers to breathing out and 'Kyu' to breathing in. 



“The gardener does not make the garden grow. Nature does. The gardener only serves to create conditions to the fertility and vitality of the garden.”


Like the gardener, my role as a technician, is to create conditions favorable to (re)awaken and strengthening the inherent potential for self-regulation. The role of the practitioner is to cultivate life.


The work is based on ‘breath’ and ‘breathing together’, on deep listening and sensing, on direct communication from heart to heart, on authentic contact through the hands. Fundamentally this contact is made from the practitioners hara (center of gravity) to the person’s core and the life that animates the person. Each human being is unique therefore each session is unique.



Since early age I has been driven by a constant curiosity in understanding the nature of life and the human condition. This basic drive led my personal and professional path to unfold for over 20 years within the artistic, pedagogic and therapeutic areas. These areas feed and enrich one another both in quality and perspective. In my approach, human beings are considered as a Unity, where Body∞Mind∞Spirit are One dynamic entity interdependent of its context.

I initiated my professional journey by attending the university of Psychology in Lisbon – I.S.P.A. with a specialisation in Clinical Psychology (1992/1997). While studying I discovered a deep passion for Dance. I graduated from HKA - Dance Academy in Arnhem (2001). For many years I worked with various dance companies and independents choreographers in Holland and abroad. In parallel I continued developing my own work as a maker, dancer and teacher until the present day, mainly within the field of improvisation and instant composition. (


Still searching for a deeper connection between Body and Mind I had the great privilege to work intensively and share the life style with the master Min Tanaka at the Body Weather Farm in Japan (long periods between 2006/2010). This was a profound experience that radically changed and deepened my understanding of Body and life itself.


My attraction to the Oriental Body∞Mind∞Spirit approach and a need to continue my personal growth, led me to dive deeply into Aikido and Katsugen Undo (Regenerating Movement), which I practice until the present day, from the Ecole Itsuo Tsuda, where Respiratory practice is central.

As an organic evolution, it became clear the growing passion and natural ability for Shiatsu. In 2016 I graduated from the Iokai Shiatsu Amsterdam with a complementary certificate of Anatomy, Physiology from the University Shenzhou of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Amsterdam. In 2015 I opened my own practice - Kokyu Shiatsu. 

Like rivers flowing into an immense sea, all areas of my life and professional experience, including  intensive self-observation, auto didactic studies and practices on the areas of BodyMind Centering, Authentic movement, Chi Kung, Movement Shiatsu, among others, all these are present, nourishing, informing and supporting the shiatsu practice. Currently my practice happens in Colares, Ericeira, Lisbon (Portugal) and Amsterdam (Holland).



Shiatsu session 90 min (Ericeira & Amsterdam) – 75 €  

Shiatsu session 90 min (Colares & Lisbon) – 65    

Appointments possible 7 days a week from 8.00 till 21.00

CC 34313676 | VAT NL002380488B71


During a shiatsu session the person is fully dressed and lays down on a futon (thick traditional Japanese mattress) placed on the floor. It is advisable to use comfortable, warm clothes and if possible of natural materials such as cotton. Preferably no make-up and no perfume. 

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Lutmastraat 182a,

1073 HG Amsterdam



Largo Santa Marta 14b,

2655 - 319 Ericeira



Rua D. Estefânia 175
1000-154 Lisboa



Avenida do Atlântico, S/N

2705-288 Colares, Sintra


'In her shiatsu sessions, Ana Leonor takes the time and great care to listen and understand one's situation and provides a thorough and compassionate treatment, complemented with health and lifestyle advice, with a level of professionalism that brings confidence and trust in her competence and personal attention to her clients.'


Anne A.S.K
Finance and Funding Administrator

'Ana Leonor feels intuitively which parts of the body need more attention. You can feel she has great respect for the human body. Her sessions are wonderful and filled with warmth and loving care.' 


Jacqueline J. 


'Shiatsu can be a wonderful yet intense experience that has the power to open an unlock long forgotten fluidity and energy hidden in everyday life. Ana Ladas supports and guides in this delicate and intricate process, with great awareness, sensitivity and intuition making one feel safe and secure to go or let go, whichever is necessary in the given moment.'


Josephine B. 


'The depth of her listening through her deep touch invites our body and our soul to connect to deeper sources of energies.Thank you Ana.'




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Ana Leonor Ladas

+31 6 23 89 38 78 

(also by Telegram & Whatsapp)

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